Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Syria: Vision of a Future that is Rooted in History

Notwithstanding the ongoing populas litmus test of regime ligitimacy in the Arab world, there are some early winners and loosers. Syria, among others, has successfully managed and weathered the storm. Why and how are questions to be marveled at by political scientists and Middle East experts for many years to come.

Syria, with its institutional and demographic complexities, does differ although not fundamentally from other Arab countries. Syria, however, was successful in taking gradual steps towards economic, education and health reforms. Gradual political reform is anticipated. A framework of such reform has not been declared yet. Access to social media has been granted and the media and press are exercising social-cohesion conscientious form of free speech.

One element stands out that differentiates Syria; an elemant that echoed in the streets of Cairo and in Tunisa; which is the core populas demand for the state to uphold Arab dignity.

Syria with its principled pragmatism in foreign policy conduct gave a voice to that need, gaining in this sense a popular edge over so called American allies in the region. Syria successeded in being preceived domestically and regionaly as the carrier of Arab aspirations to a just solution to the Arab Israeli conflict, regional proseperity and regional sovereignty. Collaboration with regional powers such as Turkey and Iran are key in Syria's outlook.

Syria has a clear and dignified vision. A firm understanding that does not disconnect notions of progress and peace from the historical context and the realities of displaced people. Even if that meant standing up to hegemonic agendas. This position had cost Syria dearly in the past, from political to economic isolation, yet the worst days of international pressure in 2005 have only streangthened Syria's resolve.

Maybe a reconfiguration of American foreing policy and a redefinition of who America's friends are, is due.

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