Friday, February 11, 2011

Long Live the Egyptian People

Long live the Egyptian people.

The ownership of this revolution belongs to each and every one of them. A true leaderless peaceful people's revolution that will take it's place in history.

The whole regime tumbled because Egyptians refused to part with their proud past that used to invigorate the region with pride and hope. They refused to engage in a passive role while the economy of Egypt is taken hostage by a few.

Egypt is free and the Egyptian people gave meaning to the concept of peaceful revolution and to democracy in the Arab world. This is a glaring defeat to al Qaeda, who advocated violence and theocratic rule. Democracy demanded by Egyptians is against al Qaeda's vision for Egypt, and it is also different from the hollow, procedural, and meaningless "democracy" practiced elsewhere in the region.

A dignified indigenous strife for freedom has been victorious in Egypt.

I am sure that everyone is hoping that the army will keep its word and facilitate a peaceful transition once elections are held.

I'm watching with tears and a heart filled with hope as I am sure many people around the world are.

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