Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Syria: Initiating Reform is Time Sensitive

So the unrest in Dar'a south of Damascus is either according to SANA perpetrated by an armed mob that resorted to violence and burning buildings, or accroding to other media oulets, a spontaneous start of an uprising that is being supressed. In either case however, there remains a fact that both the Syrian people as well as Syrian officials know very well, and that is the need for political reform and the need to curb corruption...etc.

Syrian officials have recently expressed admiration for the Turkish model of democracy. The Turkish model has tremendous support in the Arab world including in Syria. Arriving at the institutional structure supporting such democratic model however is a long and winding road, which will includ bureaucratic overhauls, inacting the tenants of the rule of law,.. all of which need political will, political mobility and a unified political elite. The need to jumpstart the process seems to be stronger than ever.

Syria is particularly situated to inititate a gradual and peaceful road to reform. Its foreign policy seems to be popular, but can not substitute for a critical self examination, where progress made in areas such as education should be acknowledged and other needed reforms should be discussed openly. All this within an understanding of the importance of national unity.

Horan Arabs, Druze, Kurds, Muslims, Christians,.. are all parts of Syria's unique social fabric, if one social element is in pain, that must not sit well socially and politically until it is equitably addressed by the government.

The potential of Syria is limitless.. the upward mobility in all areas, education, economics, health, tourism, green industry, ... is noteworthy. The Syrian government has a well intentioned and well educated cadre that is capable of formating a plan.. A plan forward.

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