Saturday, April 23, 2011

Syria is Bleeding!

The events of the last few days, especially the clashes between demonstrators and security forces after Friday prayers in a number of Syrian cities, have taken the situation in Syria to a familiar place. The quintessential signs of an uprising have put the Syrian regime in a tight spot.

The death of more than a hundered Syrians yesterday, heart renching scenes of live amunition and men helping the fallen, is a loud and clear call for the dismantelling of the security institutions . The gap between the executive cabinet intentions of reform and the inability of the multiple security apparatuses to adjust to a transitional period is starting to wreck havoc.

Syria is bleeding

What kind of a legacy will the Syrian Ba'athist and the National Progressive Front leave in the minds of Syrians??

The rhetoric of "one mind , one voice" is over. On NBN, a Lebanese news channel friendly to Syria, an interviewer asked a Syrian Political Science professor: "Have you ever met an opposition figure in Syria ?". Her answer was after talking about the wonderful personal freedoms in Syria, she said: "No, of course not!! We all think the same in Syria!! We all love our president and see dissenters as traitors!!" ..... and here, frankly, lies the big problem, this is in other words the huge elephant in the room dear professor!!.

The demonstrators are not Muslim Brotherhood, Salafies, infeltrators, Zionists, CIA, ... they are Syrians who are, one would guess, upset about many many things in their homeland, my dear professor.

" واحد, واحد, واحد, الشعب السوري واحد"
"سوريا كلها أحرار, سوريا كلها أحرار"

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